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About the Audio Clips On This Site


Page last revised: 12/16/06


  • Most clips are in Real Audio format. In the event you don't already have a Real media player on your system, go to www.real.com and download their free basic player. The clips are encoded at 20.7 kbs, which should work fine over a 28k dial-up modem. The clips will begin to stream before the download is complete. Some later clips are in the mp3 format.
  • There are no clips for any music that is currently in-print. On-line retailers may make clips for these releases available. An exception to this rule is possible if a song was released after the clip was posted.
  • The clips contain only about 30 - 45 seconds per song This is for two reasons. First, the purpose of the clip is to let people sample what the music sounds like, not to build a library of recordings. (That is what the Can I Buy Mento? and For Collectors pages are for.) Second, in many cases, these are very rare recordings that were very generously given to me by people that went to great expense and effort to acquire them. There is a tacit agreement that I wont turn around and make them available to the general public.


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